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  1. Words and Images that Seep into the Soul

    James Phillips Noble

    Resource / MAR 2013

    Our lives move along with ups and downs, and we cope with them the best we can. But underneath there is a hunger for something more. There are times of stress such as when a loved one dies, a job... read more »
  2. Witness Is Presence

    Miika Tolonen

    Resource / JAN 2014

    In a postsecular cultural situation the conditions for understanding and communicating a Christian tradition have changed. None of the established religions can any longer claim monopoly in the... read more »
  3. When Wright is Wrong

    Phillip D. R. Griffiths

    Resource / JAN 2019

    In today’s world the Christian is constantly being challenged with new teachings. Some of these are particularly dangerous because they are put forward by those with evangelical credentials.... read more »
  4. When God Says, "No"

    Thomas R. Hauff

    Resource / DEC 2010

    Does it feel like God has stopped listening to your prayers? Do you approach prayer with confidence or with confusion? Perhaps you have given up organized prayer entirely, resorting to monotonous,... read more »
  5. Wednesday Wonderings

    Gary E. Nelson

    Resource / JAN 2013

    God seeks our attention and relationship in so many ways. Figuring out how to notice, listen, and respond to God as we move through the daily exercises of our life is the stuff of our spiritual... read more »
  6. View from the Urban Loft

    Sean Benesh

    Resource / OCT 2011

    As the world hurtles towards urbanization at an ever-increasing pace, there arises the need for further theological reflection on the city. Globalization, international immigration, and... read more »
  7. Trajectory of the 21st Century

    Lawrence J. Terlizzese

    Resource / JAN 2009

    Trajectory of the Twenty-first Century explores what many prophets of the twentieth century, such as Oswald Spengler, Paul Tillich, Aldous Huxley, Jacques Ellul, and others, have predicted... read more »
  8. Through the Thicket

    Ivan W. Bowden

    Resource / DEC 2017

    Unceremoniously dismissed from his lectureship in New Testament, Dr. Edward J. Sutherland uses his forced retirement to struggle through a thicket of end-times issues in a conservative church.... read more »
  9. Theology of the Open Table

    Eojin Lee

    Resource / NOV 2016

    Theology of the Open Table begins with research on the traditional eucharistic understanding in the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) through cultural and social analyses. In developing his... read more »
  10. The Violence of Being

    Jeff Hood

    Resource / MAR 2017

    In the midst of the violence of being, Jeff Hood survived 2016. This is a collection of writings to illustrate how.

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