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  1. A Crossing of Zebras

    Marjorie Maddox

    Resource / DEC 2019

    You’ve probably heard the phrase a school of fish. But what about a rumba of rattlesnakes, an army of ants, or a crash of rhinos? Derived from both oral and written... read more »
  2. A Poet's Sketch of His Biography

    Dean Nichols

    Resource / SEP 2004

    In this sensitive collection of poetry and prose, the essence of the writer's life is revealed. This is not a biography based on dates and events. Chronology is here measured by a man's inner... read more »
  3. As There as the Sky

    Dennis J. Billy, CSsR

    Resource / JAN 2019

  4. In Mammon We Trust

    Al Staggs

    Resource / MAY 2018

  5. Islands of Experience

    Dean Nichols

    Resource / SEP 2004

    'Islands of Experience' is an exceptional collection of poetry. It carries a punch that all readers will feel, yet its power is tempered by subtlety and delicacy of language that will make readers... read more »
  6. Life in the Blind Spot

    Raymond Barfield

    Resource / JAN 2018

    Glimpsing life out of the corner of the eye, Raymond Barfield’s poems in Life in the Blind Spot seek that space where direct vision is elusive, but essential.
  7. Oceanic

    Philip Wesley Comfort

    Resource / SEP 2007

  8. Simple Clutter

    James A. Zoller

    Resource / AUG 2018

    This, This…

    Whenever it is dark in the house

    I turn on a small light for comfort

    a small light in the kitchen

    over the sink.

    read more »
  9. The Healing Spirit of Haiku

    David H. Rosen, Joel Weishaus

    Resource / APR 2014

    The Healing Spirit of Haiku begins with a brief history of haiku, although it is not a book about haiku. Rather, it is haibun of the psyche, an exchange of poetry and prose between two old... read more »
  10. Weeds and Seedlings

    Ursula M. Anderson, MD

    Resource / FEB 2011

    The texture of Dr. Anderson's poetry weaves its song to the universe through her love of nature and keen observations of the human scene, powerful gifts, and a vision so complete the reader is... read more »

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