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  1. Artistic Alchemy

    Ken Bazyn

    Resource / NOV 2017

    Bazyn's poems seek to encourage Christians of all stripes to present a new song unto the Lord—by actual example and useful advice. All sorts of issues relating to creativity are touched... read more »
  2. Gospel Midrashim

    Ken Bazyn

    Resource / JUN 2013

    Steeped in the great tradition of Christian poetry, Bazyn offers a series of startling and highly personal interactions with the Four Gospels to break open Jesus' teachings and symbolic acts for... read more »
  3. Humanity

    Ken Bazyn

    Resource / JAN 2019

    How can one do justice to the heights and depths of the human condition, its mind-boggling accomplishments, its horrid corruptions? Christian tradition, in its wisdom, has acknowledged both... read more »
  4. Jesting Angels

    Ken Bazyn

    Resource / JUN 2015

    "All of us ought to be ready to laugh at ourselves," wrote theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, "because all of us are a little funny in our foibles, conceits, and pretensions." Yes, to a greater or lesser... read more »
  5. Nuptial Favors

    Ken Bazyn

    Resource / APR 2020

    After a close reading of the imagery of Song of Songs in its ancient Near Eastern context, Bazyn reveals the ins and outs of love via a series of startling metaphors. His language is strong and... read more »

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