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  1. An Introduction to the Desert Fathers

    Jason Byassee

    Cascade / AUG 2007

    The desert fathers wanted to get away from a church co-opted by empire and a Christian faith grown cold and listless. They retreated to the desert to do battle against demons and against their own... read more »
  2. Discerning the Body

    Jason Byassee

    Cascade / SEP 2013

    Where in the world is the church? These articles, essays, opinion pieces, and blog posts gather around that question. If we quit on the question in despair, we are lost. If we answer it too... read more »
  3. Pastoral Work

    Jason Byassee, L. Roger Owens

    Cascade / JAN 2014

    Eugene Peterson may be the most influential theological writer in the church today. Yet because most of his career has not been in academia there is not much critical engagement with his work. Here... read more »

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