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  1. Heideggerian Theologies

    Hue Woodson

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2018

    In light of Martin Heidegger’s contextualized influence upon them, John Macquarrie, Rudolf Bultmann, Paul Tillich, and Karl Rahner engage in theologies that, in their respective tasks and... read more »
  2. Ideas at the Intersection of Mathematics, Philosophy, and Theology

    Carlos R. Bovell

    Wipf and Stock / SEP 2012

    How do mathematics, philosophy, and theology intersect? In Ideas at the Intersection of Mathematics, Philosophy, and Theology, Carlos Bovell proposes a wide range of possibilities. In a... read more »
  3. Kierkegaard Trumping Trump

    Curtis L. Thompson

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 2019

    We are now becoming numbed by the outrageous events taking place within the political arena of our country. Throughout our nation, the division between factions continues to hold firm. The issue of... read more »
  4. Making Sense of Religion

    Richard L. Corliss

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2014

    We live in a world with many religious traditions. People in these traditions believe that their religious view of life embodies what is important, true, and real. Their religious views of life,... read more »
  5. On Religious Life: William James and I

    Cordell Strug

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2016

    William James was a great-hearted and generous philosophical spirit. He was also--beneath his human sympathy, his experiments, his scholarship, and his captivating writings--a religious seeker, a... read more »
  6. On the Origin of Consciousness

    Scott D. G. Ventureyra

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2018

    Have you ever thought about how self-consciousness (self-awareness) originated in the universe?

    Understanding consciousness is one of the toughest “nuts to crack.”... read more »
  7. Philosophy, Who Needs It?

    Jason D. Crowder

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2016

    Too often skeptics charge Christians with having a blind faith. Unfortunately, believers have added fuel to the charges of skeptics by speaking of their faith illogically. But the Christian faith... read more »
  8. Pixilated Practices

    Christopher Peyton Miller

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 2020

    Media is a big part of our lives. We see and hear it everywhere. In this book Miller demonstrates how media has taken the place of ritual(s). Our everyday lives are constantly facilitated by media... read more »
  9. Practical Knowledge of the Soul

    Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2015

    "When Thomas Paine exclaimed: 'These are the times that try men's souls,'" Rosenstock-Huessy noted, Paine "did not mean men's bodies or men's minds. And we know it." In this book devoted to... read more »
  10. Process and Dipolar Reality

    Duane Voskuil

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2016

    Process and Dipolar Reality takes up Whitehead's challenge to philosophy to regain its proper status, namely, an adventure in speculative thought elaborating a categoreal scheme aiming to be... read more »

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