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  1. Bullying in the Churches

    Stephen Finlan

    Cascade / JUN 2015

    Do bullies have free rein in our churches? Who are the bullies? What is scapegoating? Is it possible to practice the mercy and forgiveness demanded by Gospel ethics while also protecting people... read more »
  2. Church Abuse of Clergy

    Gene Fowler

    Cascade / MAR 2020

    Imagine receiving a shocking email from a church member stating that you, the pastor, have mishandled church funds and that you should resign for the good of the congregation. Soon you discover... read more »
  3. Coherent Christianity

    Louis Roy

    Cascade / JAN 2018

    Throughout this book, Louis Roy illustrates his conviction that Christianity consists in the most profound experience to which human beings are invited by God. This experience involves meaning and... read more »
  4. Evangelizing the Depths

    Simone Pacot

    Cascade / SEP 2018

    Many people don’t know how to reconcile the spiritual with the reality of where they are psychologically, so their psychological issues are not submitted to the spirit. Thus, followers of... read more »
  5. Finding Ourselves Lost

    Robert C. Dykstra

    Cascade / JUN 2018

    This book wrestles with quandaries of pastoral ministry in what psychotherapist Mary Pipher calls “the age of overwhelm.” Drawing especially from the wisdom of Jesus’ own teaching... read more »
  6. Gender, Violence, and Justice

    Pamela Cooper-White

    Cascade / MAR 2019

    Gender, Violence, and Justice is a volume of collected essays by an expert in the field of violence against women and pastoral theology. It represents over three decades of research,... read more »
  7. Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, Third Edition

    David N. Entwistle

    Cascade / JUN 2015

    Professor David Entwistle's Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity is now available in a fully revised 3rd edition. Changes and additions have made throughout this unique... read more »

  8. John's Apocalypse

    T. Craig Isaacs

    Cascade / AUG 2016

    Two things confound and confuse most of us: our dreams and the book of Revelation. However, people remain fascinated with both. This study tackles both subjects. The book of Revelation is a vision,... read more »
  9. Questions in the Psychology of Religion

    Kevin S. Seybold

    Cascade / MAR 2017

    What does it means to be human? What is the origin of religious beliefs? Why are we moral creatures? Are religious experiences different from our everyday experiences? Is my brain involved in my... read more »
  10. Staying One

    Clinton W. McLemore, Anna McLemore

    Cascade / FEB 2017

    Marriage is the most demanding and potentially rewarding relationship for many adults. Learning to navigate its challenges can be difficult. Staying One is a practical guide that not only... read more »

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