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  1. Against Protestant Popes

    Clay A. Kahler

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2005

    A BIBLICAL LOOK at God's awesome call to be a shepherd to His flock.

    This exegetical look at Peter's admonition to "fellow shepherds" will cause those in ministry to look very hard at... read more »
  2. Agnostic at the Altar

    John Van Hagen

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2019

    In Agnostic at the Altar, former Catholic priest and psychologist John Van Hagen engages the voices of the ancient Jewish prophets in an effort to find something of a universal voice that... read more »
  3. Aliens in Your Native Land

    Warner M. Bailey

    Pickwick / JUL 2020

    Living as an alien in one’s native land is a familiar reality to marginalized communities. Cultural, economic, and political shifts can cause people to become alienated by a system of greed,... read more »
  4. All the Fullness of God

    Bonnie Bowman Thurston

    Cascade / JUN 2017

    All the Fullness of God: The Christ of Colossians focuses on the Christology of Colossians and its implications by examining the canonical text and answering the questions: What was the... read more »
  5. Almighty Matters

    Nicholas Berry

    Resource / JAN 2016

    Almighty Matters: God's Politics in the Bible explores the underlying politics of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles by uncovering their political-theological connection in a single story line.... read more »
  6. American Crossroads

    Jesse Wisnewski

    Resource / AUG 2011

    "Should Christians be concerned with faith and evangelism and not politcal affairs?"

    In answering this question, American Crossroads provides a thought-provoking look at what it... read more »
  7. Angels and Beasts

    Laurentiu Florentin Mot

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2017

    Angels and Beasts looks into the interplay between the angelic figures in the vision of the seven seals. John creates a relationship between the four living creatures and the four riders in... read more »
  8. Apatheia in the Christian Tradition

    Joseph H. Nguyen

    Cascade / FEB 2018

    To many modern people, apatheia (being “without suffering”/“without passion”) sounds like cold-heartedness and indifference to others, a condition to be avoided.... read more »
  9. Apostolic Letters of Faith, Hope, and Love

    Bruce M. Metzger

    Cascade / OCT 2006

    Professor Metzger has been a leader in New Testament studies for the past fifty years, through his teaching, his publications, his text-critical work, and his translation work. This volume brings... read more »
  10. Approaching Job

    Andrew Zack Lewis

    Cascade / MAR 2017

    The book of Job has captivated readers for centuries, yet its sprawling dialogues set beside its seemingly simple narrative have also puzzled those who have attempted to understand the ancient... read more »

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