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  1. Eloise in the Land of Beginnings

    Jeanne Spyker Hardy

    Stone Table Books / AUG 2017

    Eloise is a young girl who suddenly finds herself on a great adventure in a very strange land. With her new friends Rainbow, Cat and Owl, she starts looking for the Wordsmith’s Castle where... read more »
  2. Entangled Objects

    Susanne Paola Antonetta

    Slant / AUG 2020

    Entangled Objects is a contemporary pilgrim’s progress, the story of three very different yet interconnected women. As the story advances, their overlapping lives reveal the... read more »
  3. Every Wickedness

    Susan Thistlethwaite

    Resource / DEC 2017

    Every Wickedness describes the efforts of Kristin Ginelli, an untenured professor at a Chicago university, to discover why a young woman died from a fall on a hospital construction site.... read more »
  4. Executioner's Hill

    Stephen J. Vicchio

    Resource / NOV 2019

    Strange things comin’ and goin’ on that hill . . .

    The guillotine challenges the axe-wielding executioner’s craft. This exploration of capital punishment set in a small... read more »
  5. Finding Samson

    Bryan Winters

    Resource / JUL 2019

    Three thousand years ago, Samson lived alongside an intelligent, technologically advanced, small nation, known as Philistia. Their leaders came up against a superhero with Asperger’s... read more »
  6. Forgotten Stories

    Stephen W. Shanley

    Resource / JAN 2020

    Scholars and the faithful have many honest differences about the authorship and authenticity of the Gospel stories. Were they revealed by God? Were they shaped, edited, and chosen by those who... read more »
  7. Fragments of the Brooklyn Talmud

    Andrew Ramer

    Resource / FEB 2019

    Eighty years from now, in a time of increasing environmental degradation and after one sixth of the Earth's population has died in a vast pandemic, a noted rabbi in Brooklyn hosts a convocation for... read more »
  8. From the Dark Domain

    Keith Potter

    Resource / AUG 2020

    A child of abuse and neglect, Arthur Gilliam finds solace in the yawning arches and resounding melodies of the church. But the broken healer leaves a wake of failure and disappointment until he... read more »
  9. Gabriel and the Creatures

    Gerald Heard

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2019

  10. Gaffrey's Dream

    M. M. Braswell

    Resource / JUN 2018

    Captain Frank Gaffrey is fighting demons inside and out in this western adventure. Plagued by injuries from the Civil War, his search for a place to heal has led him to a beautiful Montana valley.... read more »

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