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  1. Arboretum

    Ian Miller

    Stone Table Books / MAR 2018

    Timothy Martin is a respected lecturer in Astronomy who has spent most of his life trying to put behind him the trauma of a childhood dominated by ‘visions’. But the visions have... read more »
  2. Beast-Speaker 2

    W. A. Noble

    Stone Table Books / DEC 2017

    Escaping from Midrash was not easy, even riding on the back of a dragon. Seeger promised his friend Boyd he would return with help to set him and the other child soldiers free from the brutality of... read more »
  3. Beast-Speaker 3

    W. A. Noble

    Stone Table Books / SEP 2019

    Dragon Home is the jaw-dropping conclusion to the Beast-Speaker trilogy. Seeger and his friends are horribly damaged from their experiences as child soldiers in books 1 and 2 of the... read more »
  4. Playing God

    Morton Benning

    Stone Table Books / JAN 2018

    Keenley Turnshoe is a young apprentice cleric living in Utoptia, a medieval-like fantasy world of magic and monsters. But unknown to Keenley and the other inhabitants of Utopia, their world is also... read more »
  5. Sanctum

    Ian Miller

    Stone Table Books / JUN 2019

    Overcome by the death of his closest friend, Destiny Unsought, Timothy risks all in an abandoned pursuit through the mysterious mountains of Sanctum, the traditional home of the Mighty Ones and the... read more »
  6. Serpent Bearer

    Ian Miller

    Stone Table Books / JAN 2019

    Back on Earth after his life-changing encounter with the people of the planet Arboretum, Timothy Martin learns of a developing crisis in the Galaxy. The Shadow is growing and threatens... read more »
  7. Shadowalker

    Catch Tilly

    Stone Table Books / DEC 2017

    “There’s a dragon watching me when I wake up.”

    As the Death Lord’s daughter, seventeen-year old Uriel is comfortable walking the lavender-scented... read more »
  8. Sub Urban Tales

    P. H. Court

    Stone Table Books / DEC 2017

  9. The Name Thief of Neverland

    Dimity Knight

    Stone Table Books / JUN 2019

    When Holly finds her way as a lost child to Neverland, it is a paradise for a girl who loves adventure. But her life with the outlaws is plagued by a dark shadow: their sworn enemy, the mischievous... read more »

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