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  1. A Christian Spirituality and Psychotherapy

    Richard H. York, PhD

    Resource / JUN 2009

    This book describes a method of therapy based upon the Christian spirituality and psychotherapy perspective developed by Dr. Richard York. This clinical theology perspective is a phenomenological... read more »
  2. A Deputy Warden's Reflections on Prison Work

    Adria L. Libolt

    Resource / JAN 2012

    This book is a picture of prison life from the inside. It illustrates prison life as, at turns, exciting, surprising, distressing and, often, amusing. Each day is different, and anyone who walks... read more »
  3. A Little Wisdom for Growing Up, Second and Expanded Edition

    John C. Morgan

    Resource / SEP 2016

    A Little Wisdom for Growing Up is an ancient form of storytelling, of passing on wisdom between generations.

    In this delightful collection of fables from the natural world (in the... read more »
  4. American POW Memoirs from the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam War

    Jon Alexander, OP

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2007

    Fourteen student papers from an undergraduate seminar examine American POW memoirs from the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam War. The focus of the student authors is on how American POWs have... read more »
  5. Birth Pangs

    Tim Nelson

    Resource / OCT 2003

  6. Christian Perspectives on the Origin of Species

    Paul A. Garner

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2009

  7. Common Ground

    J. Michaels

    Resource / OCT 2009

    Listen closely. Hear the Spirit Song. In good turn, all will come along. Join me in this adventure, as we play in rhythm and rhyme. Explore the hidden places, all in real-time. Let us laugh and cry... read more »
  8. Crossing Borders for the Truth

    William R. Charlesworth

    Resource / AUG 2008

    The time is post-World War II; the place is the United States and sporadically several "at-risk" foreign countries. The story is about a young scientist, Richard, who believes that the origins of... read more »
  9. Divided Desire

    Kenny Damara

    Resource / DEC 2013

    Can your ultimate desire ever be fulfilled?

    Everywhere you look, every time you listen, with each click and tap, there's something you desire. How do you know if what you desire will... read more »
  10. Doing Effective Fieldwork

    Elia Shabani Mligo

    Resource / MAR 2013

    We live in a context of change, whereby postmodernity shapes our understanding and our searching for truth. Postmodernity dictates not only what kind of results we obtain in our researches, but... read more »

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