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  1. "An Educated Clergy"

    Jack C. Whytock

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2008

    Scotland has long been known for its emphasis upon an "educated clergy," yet little serious historical attention has been given to how this was actually fostered. This book begins to fill that gap.... read more »
  2. Christian Gnosis

    Ferdinand Christian Baur, Peter C. Hodgson

    Cascade / JUN 2020

    Baur published Die christliche Gnosis in 1835. It was his first great religio-historical study and the most important book on Gnosticism published in the nineteenth century. It is now... read more »
  3. Christianity and the Christian Church of the First Three Centuries

    Ferdinand Christian Baur, Peter C. Hodgson

    Cascade / JUN 2019

    Christianity and the Christian Church of the First Three Centuries is the first volume in Baur’s five-volume history of the Christian Church. It and the last volume, Church and... read more »
  4. Christianity: A Brief History

    Michael D. Robinson

    Cascade / JUN 2019

    Christianity is one of the world’s great religions, with more than two thousand years of history and over two billion adherents worldwide. But what is Christianity? Where did it come from?... read more »
  5. Conscience and Compromise

    Patricia Meldrum

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2007

    The Scottish Episcopal Church in the nineteenth century was dominated by High Churchmen. But by around 1820 Evangelical clergy began to take up posts within its fold, particularly in the major... read more »
  6. Covenant Works

    T. Hoogsteen

    Resource / OCT 2015

    In the development of Covenant Works I follow neither the way of the seventeenth-century Federal Theology, nor the way of nineteenth-century Critical Theology, nor the way of... read more »
  7. From Woolloomooloo to 'Eternity': A History of Australian Baptists

    Ken R. Manley

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2006

    This pioneering study describes the quest of Baptists in the different colonies (later states) to develop their identity as Australians and Baptists. The first comprehensive history of Baptists in... read more »
  8. Hellenistic Mystery-Religions

    Richard Reitzenstein

    Pickwick / JAN 1978

  9. In Harm's Way

    Kathleen Kern

    Cascade / JAN 2009

    In 1984 Evangelicals for Social Action founder Ron Sider posed the questions, "What would happen if we in the Christian church developed a new nonviolent peacekeeping force ready to move into... read more »
  10. In Need of Your Prayers and Patience

    Mary Lou Shea

    Resource / JUL 2015

    The Church of the Nazarene embraces American attachments to democratic rule, individual initiative, efficiency, and a strong sense of responsibility as "a city on a hill." It is also present in... read more »

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