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  1. A Philosopher Looks at Jesus

    Edward J. Machle

    Resource / MAR 2008

    This book is the response to a lifetime of questions raised by fellow philosophers, by students, and by the author's own wrestlings. Since the author claims that Jesus's importance goes beyond his... read more »
  2. A Room Full of Shadows

    Ronald L. Faust

    Resource / APR 2019

    This book is a memoir of a minister and peace activist in partnership with a whimsical ant to show a lifetime of artifacts in a room that uncovers thinking about peace and justice issues, such as... read more »
  3. A Trilogy of Healing

    Glenn Goree

    Resource / NOV 2018

    Broken bones mend. Flesh wounds heal. But where is the emergency room we can rush to when our hearts are broken? Divorce, adultery, spousal abuse, childhood sexual abuse, and addiction to alcohol,... read more »
  4. Across the Waters of Remembrance

    Herbert E. Hudson, IV

    Resource / JUN 2020

    This book is the capstone of the ministry of Herbert E. Hudson IV from 1959 to 2020—literally a span of six decades. The sermons are grouped into three periods. Sermons given in Utica tend to... read more »
  5. Adventures in Spiritual Warfare

    William P. Payne

    Resource / MAY 2018

    Even though they lack the words to describe it, most people know that spiritual warfare is real. This book pulls back the curtains and gives the reader a front row seat to the most exciting show of... read more »
  6. All Hands Stand By to Repel Boarders

    Cordell Strug

    Resource / JUL 2013

    Cordell Strug served as a Lutheran pastor for almost twenty-eight years in rural Minnesota. In these stories and reflections, he gives a picture of a pastor's life from the inside. He writes of... read more »
  7. All Men Become Brothers

    Koenraad De Wolf

    Resource / JUN 2016

    December 8, 2011. The dissident Vietnamese priest Nguyen Van Ly (age sixty-four) is deported from a rest home in the Archdiocese Hue to the concentration camp Nam Ha in the north of the country.... read more »
  8. All Set Free

    Matthew J. Distefano

    Resource / SEP 2015

    What is the ending to the human drama? Will all be reconciled to God in the end? Does God demand an altar, a corpse, and blood? Or, rather, is the Christian God set apart from all the other gods... read more »
  9. Amazing Love! How Can It Be

    Chris Fenner, Brian G. Najapfour

    Resource / MAY 2020

    The present collection of essays examines specific texts by Charles Wesley in multiple dimensions (theological, poetical, historical, biographical, etc.), demonstrating both the profound nature of... read more »
  10. Ambassadors of God

    Amanda W. Daloisio, Daniel Mauk, et al.…

    Resource / OCT 2018

    In a world I won't see, but I wish I would, the biographies of some others here, including a few whom we serve lunch to, would be written and be read as eagerly as you say one of me would... read more »

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