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  1. "Follow Me"

    Luke Kammrath

    Resource / AUG 2012

    The world has been completely thrown on its head. A nobody from Nazareth, who was brutally executed by the Roman Empire, has conquered all the empires of mankind and brought freedom to all its... read more »
  2. 20 Questions about Ministry

    James Cunneen

    Resource / SEP 2018

    “What do I do now?” Whether you’re a lay minister, pastor, or missionary, this is probably a question you’ve often asked yourself. Along with the joy of helping people in... read more »
  3. A Faith Worth Living

    Chuck Queen

    Resource / MAR 2011

    What does a Christianity constructed upon and pervaded by a theology of God's unconditional love look like? Aimed at a wide audience, A Faith Worth Living provides one portrait.

    Chuck... read more »
  4. A Guide to Christian Ethics

    Morris A. Inch

    Resource / OCT 2013

    While it is readily admitted that we learn in order to do, we are in need of guidance. It is with this in mind that Morris A. Inch set out to compose this present volume. Inch has taken as his... read more »
  5. A Hope-Filled Journey Under His Sky

    Bruce George Allder

    Resource / OCT 2016

    This book is a very personal reflection on the life of Belinda (BJ) Allder, a young missionary whose life was cut short through cancer. Her father, Bruce, a Christian pastor and educator, explores... read more »
  6. A Journey in Imagination

    James E. Sargent

    Resource / SEP 2015

    A Journey In Imagination offers the hope of an alternative to a world convulsed by hostility and violence. Through an imaginative journey into Bible stories, incidents, and verses, the... read more »
  7. A Perhaps Line

    Gary D. Swaim

    Resource / NOV 2014

    While it is impossible to know how or when a unified view of the self and the universe became divided in our Western view of things, Gary D. Swaim's poems contend that our world is not dualistic.... read more »
  8. A Trilogy of Healing

    Glenn Goree

    Resource / NOV 2018

    Broken bones mend. Flesh wounds heal. But where is the emergency room we can rush to when our hearts are broken? Divorce, adultery, spousal abuse, childhood sexual abuse, and addiction to alcohol,... read more »
  9. Adventures in Spiritual Warfare

    William P. Payne

    Resource / MAY 2018

    Even though they lack the words to describe it, most people know that spiritual warfare is real. This book pulls back the curtains and gives the reader a front row seat to the most exciting show of... read more »
  10. All Men Become Brothers

    Koenraad De Wolf

    Resource / JUN 2016

    December 8, 2011. The dissident Vietnamese priest Nguyen Van Ly (age sixty-four) is deported from a rest home in the Archdiocese Hue to the concentration camp Nam Ha in the north of the country.... read more »

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