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  1. Wrecked by My Ex

    Alexys V. Wolf

    Resource / DEC 2019

    In a perfect world, all marriages are that of 1950s TV sitcoms, but reality would dictate that many marriages will inevitably fail. They fail at the heart because of one of two reasons: 1) They did... read more »
  2. Wisdom From the Margins

    William G. Britton

    Resource / MAY 2018

    Henri Nouwen wisely said, “The great illusion of leadership is to think that man can be led out of the desert by someone who has never been there.” Jesus has “been there”... read more »
  3. Wildflowers and the Call to the Altar

    Skya Abbate

    Resource / DEC 2018

    Wildflowers and the Call to the Altar is a fascinating story of the history of the St. Francis Altar Society, embedded within the tri-cultural nexus of Santa Fe, New Mexico. For close to a... read more »
  4. Why, God?

    Margaret Cupit-Link, Edward Hugh Henderson

    Resource / MAR 2015

    A nineteen-year-old chemistry major at Rhodes College is selected to spend the summer after her freshman year doing research at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Instead, she finds herself a... read more »
  5. Why Read Four Quartets?

    Tom Brous

    Resource / OCT 2017

    Why Read Four Quartets? is offered to encourage readers unfamiliar with T. S. Eliot’s masterpiece to “take up, read, and inwardly digest” these beautiful and sacred poems.... read more »
  6. Whose Baby?

    Ben Pugh

    Resource / DEC 2014

    Do you struggle to get into the Christmas spirit? Do you dislike all the trappings of the season and cannot bear its crass materialism? This book is written by a theologian who feels that way too.... read more »
  7. Whoopin' Up on Stinkin' Thinkin'

    J. Matthew Nance

    Resource / JUN 2019

    •Do you seem to lack an adequate framework for interpreting life in today’s world?

    •Have you grown tired of attempts at finding meaning in free, experimental living? read more »
  8. Where in the World is God?

    Kenneth J. Dale

    Resource / JAN 2020

    This book has grown out of a twofold concern—to follow the author’s quest into the nature of the great Mystery of the universe which we call God, and to share this quest with others who... read more »
  9. Where Have You Seen God?

    Keva Green

    Resource / SEP 2019

    Everyone struggles at times in their lives and wonders if this is all there is.

    Are we facing life on our own?

    Does God exist?

    Does the Lord even care about me and... read more »
  10. When You Fast

    Harold Ristau

    Resource / JUN 2019

    In our present age in which apostolic Christianity is a foreign notion to many Christians, it is of little wonder that many of the beliefs of our ancient fathers have been deemed outdated,... read more »

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