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  1. While I Have Being

    Kenneth L. Vaux

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2012

    This diary is a fine-grained, often daily, theological reflection on the author's final ponderings on his ordeal with a serious illness, a concluding sabbatical, a last year of teaching, a... read more »
  2. Things of the Hidden God

    Christopher Merrill

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2016

    "If I had learned anything during the war, it was that our walk in the sun is brief, and so I resolved to wander from monastery to monastery, a sojourner in the world of last things." So poet and... read more »
  3. The Reluctant Minister

    David W. Torrance

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2015

  4. The Quest for Faithfulness

    Helmut Hartmann

    Resource / MAR 2019

    An individual’s life story can provide insights into the character of a particular nation, the events of a specific time period, and the hopes and challenges faced by human beings as they... read more »
  5. The Love That Matters

    Charles H. Featherstone

    Cascade / JAN 2015

    A blond-haired, blue-eyed Lutheran man is approached on the streets of Chicago by members of the Latin Kings so he may teach them how to pray, and he does so with grace--this man's story, one... read more »
  6. The Hands-On Life

    Amy E. Weldon

    Cascade / JAN 2018

    Stressed out? Swimming in a sea of screens? Worried about our beloved, endangered earth yet uncertain how to work for change? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In this intelligent... read more »
  7. The Best of Two Lives

    Doris R. Ayyoub

    Resource / SEP 2016

    The Best of Two Lives is a love story as well as family history. It is shaped as a journey, beginning with the cultural foundations of Jordan and the United States. Weaving threads of family... read more »
  8. Ted Allen Studebaker

    Gary W. Studebaker, Douglas E. Studebaker

    Resource / APR 2017

    Ted Studebaker, a true peace hero, worked for peace through nonviolence. By doing so, he left a peacemaking legacy that continues to impact mankind through the ages. He was a volunteer... read more »
  9. Small Feet on the Run

    Sieglinde Martin

    Resource / AUG 2016

    You may know much about World War II, but did you ever wonder how children lived through this man-made disaster that killed twenty-nine million civilians in Europe? Read about eighteen ordinary... read more »
  10. Seasons of Death and Life

    Maggie Ross

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 2016

    Maggie Ross's superb memoir of her sojourn in the wilderness is filled with living and dying, joy and pain, healing and hurting, and, most important, the "love that indwells and is revealed in the... read more »

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