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  1. The Quest for Faithfulness

    Helmut Hartmann

    Resource / MAR 2019

    An individual’s life story can provide insights into the character of a particular nation, the events of a specific time period, and the hopes and challenges faced by human beings as they... read more »
  2. The Best of Two Lives

    Doris R. Ayyoub

    Resource / SEP 2016

    The Best of Two Lives is a love story as well as family history. It is shaped as a journey, beginning with the cultural foundations of Jordan and the United States. Weaving threads of family... read more »
  3. Ted Allen Studebaker

    Gary W. Studebaker, Douglas E. Studebaker

    Resource / APR 2017

    Ted Studebaker, a true peace hero, worked for peace through nonviolence. By doing so, he left a peacemaking legacy that continues to impact mankind through the ages. He was a volunteer... read more »
  4. Small Feet on the Run

    Sieglinde Martin

    Resource / AUG 2016

    You may know much about World War II, but did you ever wonder how children lived through this man-made disaster that killed twenty-nine million civilians in Europe? Read about eighteen ordinary... read more »
  5. Revelation

    Dale Coleman

    Resource / MAR 2019

    Over the forty-plus years of his adult vocation as an Episcopal priest, Dale Coleman has wanted to write about his journey from the Salvation Army to the Episcopal Church. He wished to be in a... read more »
  6. My Conscience

    U Kyaw Win

    Resource / JUL 2016

    Since gaining its independence from British colonial rule in 1948, Burma's history has been cursed. The military raped the resource-rich country for fifty years and drove its people to penury.... read more »
  7. Memento of the Living and the Dead

    Phillip Berryman

    Resource / SEP 2019

    In Memento of the Living and the Dead, Phillip Berryman relates his experiences as a Catholic priest in Panama City starting in 1965, and then, after leaving the priesthood to marry, in... read more »
  8. Megalies

    Lodovico Balducci

    Resource / FEB 2014

    "Make it up, dammit! Just lie! How can you expect to become a physician if you don't learn how to lie?" I used to recommend to junior medical students the first day they walked into a ward. I... read more »
  9. Look Back in Hope

    Keith W. Clements

    Resource / JUL 2017

    A child of China missionary parents, Keith Clements looks back on a life rich in diverse experiences in many parts of the world as pastor, theologian, writer, and servant of the ecumenical... read more »
  10. Husbands Should Not Break

    Shane Clifton, Elly Clifton

    Resource / AUG 2015

    In October 2010, Shane Clifton had a serious accident that left him a quadriplegic. Husbands Should Not Break is a memoir that describes the challenges of adjusting to life with a... read more »

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