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  1. While I Have Being

    Kenneth L. Vaux

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2012

    This diary is a fine-grained, often daily, theological reflection on the author's final ponderings on his ordeal with a serious illness, a concluding sabbatical, a last year of teaching, a... read more »
  2. Things of the Hidden God

    Christopher Merrill

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2016

    "If I had learned anything during the war, it was that our walk in the sun is brief, and so I resolved to wander from monastery to monastery, a sojourner in the world of last things." So poet and... read more »
  3. The Reluctant Minister

    David W. Torrance

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2015

  4. Seasons of Death and Life

    Maggie Ross

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 2016

    Maggie Ross's superb memoir of her sojourn in the wilderness is filled with living and dying, joy and pain, healing and hurting, and, most important, the "love that indwells and is revealed in the... read more »
  5. Out of Adventism

    Jerry Gladson

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 2017

    From its humble beginnings in the nineteenth century, Seventh-day Adventism has remarkably grown to become one of America’s largest, home-grown faiths, numbering nearly nineteen million... read more »
  6. Martha and I

    Donald R. Fletcher

    Wipf and Stock / SEP 2017

    You are drawn into the struggle from author Don Fletcher’s side, as he tries to understand and cope with what is happening to Martha. At the same time, in alternate chapters before the onset... read more »
  7. Karl Barth

    Wilhelm Pauck

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2018

    In the 1930s, Karl Barth was unquestionably the most discussed personality in the theological world of that time. This book was the first of its kind to be published in America, giving an adequate... read more »
  8. John Dubois: Founding Father

    Rev. Richard Shaw

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2018

    St. Elizabeth Seton called him “The Pope”; his students dubbed him “Little Bonaparte.” To Pope Gregory XVI he was “my most particular friend”; while his own... read more »
  9. Grace and Peace

    Thomas H. Olbricht, Stan Reid

    Wipf and Stock / SEP 2017

    These essays are presented by the family, friends, and colleagues of David Worley of blessed memory. David Worley was an extraordinary man of many talents and interests. David was born and raised... read more »
  10. Flourishing in a Small Place

    Paul Emanuel Larsen

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 2019

    Born during the Great Depression and the height of the modernist/fundamentalist controversies, Paul Emanuel Larsen entered pastoral ministries in the late fifties. Rooted in historical evangelical... read more »

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