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  1. At Smith's House

    Jay Trott

    Resource / JUL 2007

    Are meaning and purpose still possible in life?

    The age of philosophy and its pursuit of the good of happiness came to an end with nihilism. The philosophers equated the good with... read more »
  2. Balanced Living

    Robert Marsden Knight

    Resource / JAN 2009

    In Balanced Living: Don't Let Your Strength Become Your Weakness, Robert Knight develops the theme of balance as central to good mental health, to moral and spiritual health, to emotional... read more »
  3. Becoming Fully Human in an Inhuman World

    Knofel Staton, Cathryn Comeaux

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2005

    This book balances biblical content with practical application about the what, why, and how of spiritual formation. It is an excellent source for individuals, small groups and entire congregations... read more »
  4. Beyond Abuse in the Christian Home

    Catherine Clark Kroeger, Nancy Nason-Clark, et al.…

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2008

    In January 2004 a newly founded evangelical organization called PASCH was formed. The word denotes the Passover or time of new beginnings--when God kept people safe in their own homes before... read more »
  5. Beyond the Grave

    Floyd Vernon Chandler

    Resource / OCT 2009

    What really happens to human consciousness at death?

    How might love and immortality be related?

    What is purgatory and do most religions teach the concept of... read more »
  6. Bone Dead, and Rising

    Charles Davidson

    Cascade / MAR 2011

    Here is a vivid, poetic, and evocative story of the painter Vincent van Gogh's struggle to become his true self. The author listens in on Vincent's most intimate, frequently startling thoughts on a... read more »
  7. Bread? or Crumbs?

    Reuben J. Swanson

    Resource / APR 2007

    This anthology of sermons is compiled from a sixty-year practice of preaching. Reuben Swanson's "prophetic poetic prose," as it has been called, has developed through the faithful discipline of... read more »
  8. Building Communities of the Kingdom

    Andre Van Eymeren

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2017

    Cities and communities full of celebration; basic food, housing and belonging needs met; young and old contributing meaningfully to society; people living lives that contribute to the common good;... read more »
  9. Cards Carols & Claus

    Rex A. E. Hunt

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2015

    The festival called Christmas is a celebration still 'under construction'. It is a weaving of story, myth, customs and ritual. Since its inception, it has been debated, ignored, celebrated, banned,... read more »

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