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  1. A Faith Not Worth Fighting For

    Tripp York, Justin Bronson Barringer

    Cascade / MAY 2012

    In A Faith Not Worth Fighting For, editors Justin Bronson Barringer and Tripp York have assembled a number of essays by pastors, activists, and scholars in order to address the common... read more »
  2. Between the State and the Eucharist

    Joel Halldorf, Fredrik Wenell

    Pickwick / JUL 2014

    "In the world, but not of the world"--this has been the motto of the Free Church tradition. But to what extent can freedom and independence from "the world" be realized in modernity, and how have... read more »
  3. Christian Socialism (Pre-Order: Available November 15th)

    Philip Turner

    Cascade / NOV 2020

    Christian Socialism is a movement that arose in England in the mid-nineteenth century and continues into the twenty-first century. This form of socialism was aimed, in the first instance, not at... read more »
  4. Christianity, Democracy, and the Radical Ordinary

    Stanley Hauerwas, Romand Coles

    Cascade / JAN 2008

    In Christianity, Democracy, and the Radical Ordinary, theologian Stanley Hauerwas and political theorist Romand Coles reflect about possibilities and practices of radical democracy and... read more »
  5. Church, Society, and the Christian Common Good

    Ephraim Radner

    Cascade / JUL 2017

    Philip Turner’s contributions as a leader and thinker in Christian missions and social ethics are here engaged by an array of friends and colleagues. Turner’s scholarly and clerical... read more »
  6. Constantine Revisited

    John D. Roth

    Pickwick / JUN 2013

    This collection of essays continues a long and venerable debate in the history of the Christian church regarding the legacy of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great. For some, Constantine's... read more »
  7. Disrupting Time

    Stanley Hauerwas

    Cascade / AUG 2004

  8. Diversity and Dominion

    Kyle S. Van Houtan, Michael S. Northcott

    Cascade / FEB 2010

    This book records a set of dialogues between scientists, theologians, and philosophers on what can be done to prevent a global slide into ecological collapse. It is a uniquely multidisciplinary... read more »
  9. Minding the Web

    Stanley Hauerwas, Robert J. Dean

    Cascade / NOV 2018

    For over forty years Stanley Hauerwas has been writing theology that matters. In this new collection of essays, lectures, and sermons, Hauerwas continues his life’s work of exploring the... read more »
  10. On Kierkegaard and the Truth

    Paul L. Holmer, David J. Gouwens, et al.…

    Cascade / JAN 2012

    Paul L. Holmer (1916-2004) was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota (1946-1960) and Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology at Yale Divinity School (1960-1987). Among his... read more »

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