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  1. Working with Words

    Stanley Hauerwas

    Cascade / FEB 2011

    The crucial challenge for theology is that when it is read the reader thinks, "This is true." Recognizing claims that are "true" enables readers to identify an honest expression of life's... read more »
  2. Why Narrative?

    Stanley Hauerwas, L. Gregory Jones

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 1997

    Narrative Theology is still with us, to the delight of some and to the chagrin of others. 'Why Narrative?" is in reprint because it represents what is still a very important question.

    This... read more »
  3. Theology and the Church in the University

    Julian Hartt

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2006

    Dr. Julian Hartt, in a unique position to interpret the American college campus scene, sees a profoundly creative age just ahead, requiring clearness of purpose, wisdom in decision, steadfast hope,... read more »
  4. The Wisdom of the Cross

    Stanley Hauerwas, Chris K. Huebner, et al.…

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2005

    Few recent Christian thinkers have been as widely influential as John Howard Yoder (1927-1997). Encompassing a teaching career of more than thirty years and such landmark publications as 'The... read more »
  5. The Uncertain Center

    Arthur C. McGill, Kent Dunnington

    Cascade / AUG 2015

    Arthur McGill did not write very much, but what he did write is as theologically suggestive and startling today as it was when it was written in the 1960s and 1970s. He was not well known during... read more »
  6. The Transgression of the Integrity of God

    Craig Keen, Thomas J. Bridges, et al.…

    Cascade / MAR 2012

    "In this dark, when we all talk at once, some of us must learn to whistle."

    In this comprehensive collection of his work, Craig Keen's voice emerges as that of a theologian who has... read more »
  7. The Practice of the Body of Christ

    Colin D. Miller

    Pickwick / SEP 2014

    The Practice of the Body of Christ begins a conversation between "apocalyptic" interpretations of the Apostle Paul and the contemporary revival in "virtue ethics." It argues that the human... read more »
  8. The Politics of Yahweh

    John C. Nugent

    Cascade / NOV 2011

    John Howard Yoder is most famous for arguing in The Politics of Jesus that a sound reading of the New Testament demonstrates the abiding relevance of Jesus to social ethics. However, it is seldom... read more »
  9. The Malady of the Christian Body

    Brian Brock, Bernd Wannenwetsch

    Cascade / NOV 2016

    The ailments of the contemporary church are remarkably similar to those suffered by the fractious Corinthian church in the first century. This is the challenge presented in The Malady of the... read more »
  10. The Continuing Relevance of Wesleyan Theology

    Nathan Crawford

    Pickwick / JUN 2011

    What does the Wesleyan message have to say to the greater theological world? This is a question that Laurence Wood has taken up as his concern throughout his career. In order to honor his work,... read more »

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