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  1. A Life of Dialogue

    Kenneth Paul Kramer

    Resource / MAY 2016

    In A Life of Dialogue: Love Letters to My Daughters, one finds an honest, unflinching, and authentic voice that creates a unique outlook on multiple sclerosis. Kramer juxtaposes the quest... read more »
  2. Admiring and Applauding God

    R. Bruce Stevens

    Resource / APR 2015

    If we are being honest, many of us would admit that we spend practically no time praising God when we pray. We confess and thank and ask, but we don't do so well with the praising part of prayer.... read more »
  3. Aidan of Lindisfarne

    Ray Simpson

    Resource / JUL 2014

    Seventh-century Ireland is becoming a land of saints, scholars, and spiritual foster mothers as well as warriors. The boy Aidan, a descendant of Saint Brigid, is formed by all of these as well as... read more »
  4. Craft Brewed Jesus

    Michael Camp

    Resource / APR 2016

    What if the modern American church has its Christian history wrong? According to ex-evangelical Michael Camp, most American believers fail Christian History 101. Drawing on his own historical... read more »
  5. DeepLight

    Susan Creighton

    Resource / APR 2018

    DeepLight: A Memoir of the Soul is a rich narrative of a contemporary woman’s spiritual quest. Within the context of her extensive study of religious and mystical traditions, and her... read more »
  6. Finding Intentional Community

    James Werning

    Resource / SEP 2017

    Welcome to the neighborhood of your dreams. Here you’ll find great friends. Help and encouragement. Shared meals and resources. Family gatherings.

    These pages present a... read more »
  7. Fly-fishing the Arctic Circle to Tasmania

    James W. White

    Resource / MAR 2019

    Marooned on a river island above the Arctic Circle, caught by a flash flood in New Zealand, boated with an NFL cheerleader in the Caribbean, robbed in a British Columbia motel, and bunked with an... read more »
  8. God Bless Our Cubicles

    Meg Gorzycki

    Resource / MAR 2019

    Weasels in the workplace, colleagues in crisis, and bombastic bosses—we all know what it is like to have a “job from hell.” We also know that, despite our industriousness and... read more »
  9. Gospel Without Borders

    Jim Rotholz

    Resource / MAR 2015

    To what degree does culture facilitate or distort the Christian faith, the gospel of Jesus, and the life of the church? In America, the distortion is enormous. Gospel Without Borders... read more »
  10. In the Same Place

    N. Thomas Johnson-Medland

    Resource / APR 2016

    Space and time are not just terms and functions of the bigger/larger objects in our lives, but intricately woven into the cells that make up our spleen and the neurotransmitters that carry our... read more »

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