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  1. Cohabitation among Students in Higher-Learning Institutions in Tanzania

    Elia Shabani Mligo, Jael Omanga Otieno

    Resource / FEB 2018

    Colleges and universities have been meeting places of students for the sake of studies all over the world. As students transcend from secondary level education to tertiary level, the degree of... read more »
  2. Community Secondary Schools in Tanzania

    Elia Shabani Mligo, Devotha Lawrence Mshana

    Resource / JAN 2018

    Community Secondary Schools are the majority secondary schools in Tanzania. These are schools built by community initiatives with the aim of helping more children acquire a secondary education.... read more »
  3. Confidence and Character

    James A. Pingel, II

    Wipf and Stock / DEC 2014

    His birthday was once celebrated as a national holiday and his portrait once adorned the walls of almost every classroom in the United States. He was a victorious Revolutionary War general, a... read more »
  4. Consider No Evil

    Brandon G. Withrow, Menachem Wecker

    Cascade / JUL 2014

    Even casual acquaintances of the Bible know that the Truth shall set you free, but in the pursuit of that Truth in higher education--particularly in Christian or Jewish seminaries--there are often... read more »
  5. Consider This on This Day

    Robin K. Johnson

    Resource / DEC 2016

    We are in a society that is constantly on the move. We want what we want, and we want it right now without any exceptions. The first thing we should grab in the beginning of our days is a word from... read more »
  6. Cotton Patch Rebel

    Ann M. Trousdale

    Resource / JUN 2015

    Clarence Jordan seemed to be born with an ability to see things just a little bit differently than other people did--and sometimes that got him into trouble. Like his views on racial equality: they... read more »
  7. Courage Beyond Fear

    Katie Day, Deirdre Good

    Pickwick / JAN 2019

    The aim of this book, Courage Beyond Fear: Re-Formation in Theological Education, is to combat actual crises we have survived in theological institutions. We first... read more »
  8. Curacy Express

    Robert M. Lewis

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2016

    The twenty-first-century church is increasingly placing recently trained seminary or locally trained clergy in smaller churches where they must stand alone without the training under a senior... read more »
  9. Discipleship in Education

    Joseph Allotta

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2018

    Students are often tested to evaluate their academic knowledge, but few Christian schools use objective measures to determine if a student has become a true disciple of Christ. Unfortunately, there... read more »
  10. Divine Learning

    Alexandra Glynn

    Resource / JAN 2016

    Dear child, have you read the Holy Scriptures? Have you wanted to know the entire scriptures, not just the popular portions? Here is a book of poetry from the scriptures for you to begin your... read more »

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