Missional Engagement Series

The Missional Engagement Series
Reflected in the hub design, The Missional Engagement Series is not one-dimensional or linear, but rather, a holistic layout. Two concepts are critical. First, mission is taught in every phase.
Never considered optional or ancillary, being a disciple is about being "on mission" for Jesus. Second, the design develops disciples progressively in stages. By this, it recognizes how Christian matu- ration actually occurs, needing reinforcement and refinement over time.
Threaded themes drive the curriculum in a compelling way:
IN Invite Steps to Faith invites not-yet-believers to explore.
ONInvolve First Steps infuses newer believers with faith practices.
UPImprove Elevate raises growth levels in key values.
OUTInspireLaunch Point inspires for what God wills to do!

These materials create habits and experiences to shape Christ- likened character and skills. Each vehicle can work independently, yet they fit within a grand design for synergistic impact.

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