New Testament after Supersessionism

Series Preface
The New Testament after Supersessionism (NTAS) is a series that presents post-supersessionist interpretations of the New Testament. By post-supersessionism, we mean "a family of theological perspectives that affirms God's irrevocable covenant with the Jewish people as a central and coherent part of ecclesial teaching. It rejects understandings of the new covenant that entail the abrogation or obsolescence of God's covenant with the Jewish people, of the Torah as a demarcator of Jewish communal identity, or of the Jewish people themselves" ( Although the field of New Testament studies has made significant strides in this direction in recent years, the volumes in this series, written by Jewish and gentile believers in Jesus, seek to advance the conversation by offering post-supersessionist readings of the New Testament that address the question of ongoing Jewish particularity, and the relationship of interdependence and mutual blessing between Jew and gentile in Messiah.

series editors

J. Brian Tucker
Moody Theological Seminary, Plymouth, MI
David Rudolph
The King's University, Southlake, TX
Justin Hardin
Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, FL

projected volumes

New Testament After Supersessionism, Introductory Volume
--Justin K. Hardin, David J. Rudolph, and J. Brian Tucker
Reading Matthew After Supersessionism
--Anders Runesson
Reading Mark After Supersessionism
--Vered Hillel
Reading Luke-Acts After Supersessionism
--Mark S. Kinzer and David J. Rudolph
Reading John After Supersessionism --tbc
Reading Romans After Supersessionism
--J. Brian Tucker
Reading 1 Corinthians After Supersessionism
--Kar Yong Lim
Reading 2 Corinthians After Supersessionism
--James A. Waddell
Reading Galatians After Supersessionism
--Justin K. Hardin
Reading Philippians After Supersessionism
--Christopher Zoccali
Reading Ephesians and Colossians After Supersessionism
--Lionel Windsor
Reading Hebrews After Supersessionism
--David M. Moffitt
Reading 1 Peter After Supersessionism
--Kelly D. Liebengood
Reading Revelation After Supersessionism
--Ralph Korner
New Testament After Supersessionism, Supplementary Volume
--edited by Justin K. Hardin, David J. Rudolph, and J. Brian Tucker

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