The Promise of Homiletical Theology

The Promise of Homiletical Theology is devoted to exploring the dimensions of the theological tasks of preaching. Its research is the product of the Consultation on Homiletical Theology, a research group within the Academy of Homiletics and supported by Boston University School of Theology's Homiletical Theology Project ( While many scholars in preaching have touched on homiletical theology in their work recently, the consultation seeks now to uncover common ground for talking about the place of theology in preaching going forward. By drawing together several homileticians whose own research has touched on homiletical theology over the last few years, the consultation now also seeks to open up a wider conversation that touches on defining the scope of homiletical theology, envisioning the range of its tasks, pushing more deeply into the center of preaching's work by exploring theologies of the gospel, and considering in particular how a homiletical theology of promise might illumine a way forward. Homiletical theology in this sense seeks to renew the place of theology at the heart of the work of preaching. This series draws on leading lights in the field to help homiletics fulfill more deeply its theological turn and to aid preachers to see themselves more deeply as theologians of the Word.

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