Studies in World Catholicism

Scholarship from and about Catholic communities around the world is growing in breadth and depth. Catholicism, as a global communion with well over one billion members, has seen its center of gravity shift from the so-called global North to Africa, Asia, and Latin America; this has generated an upsurge in popular interest and scholarly investigation about what these changes mean for Christian life, witness, and belief in their diversity and unity. The realignment of Christianity worldwide also opens new areas for cooperation, understanding, and conflict among Catholicism, other Christian traditions, and non-Christian religions and movements.
Studies in World Catholicism offers scholarly, pastoral, and general readers alike the best of interdisciplinary research about and from the multifaceted worlds of Catholicism. Ranging from theology and social ethics to history, culture, and science and dealing with both large-gauge theoretical questions and the particularities of specific communities and contexts--books in this series present the best and most important thinking on matters related to Catholicism as a worldwide movement. Studies in World Catholicism presents both individual scholars, whose work engages matters of concern to the church, as well as group projects that bring scholars from around the world into a conversation about common concerns and aspirations.
This series is a project of the Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology (CWCIT) at DePaul University in Chicago. Through its research fellowships, international conferences, and scholarly activities, the Center has become one of the leading scholarly institutes focusing on Christianity as a transnational reality. More information on the Center and its work is available at
Studies in World Catholicism is edited by William T. Cavanaugh, CWCIT Director and Professor of Catholic Studies at DePaul University; and Michael L. Budde, Professor of Catholic Studies and Political Science at DePaul University. Proposals for the series may be sent to or

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