Theology at the Beginning of the Third Millennium

Theology at the Beginning of the Third Millennium
Series Preface
Theology at the Beginning of the Third Millennium is a new series of theo- logical monographs which seek to examine the status quaestionis of vari- ous sub-disciplines within the field of theology in this second decade of the third millennium and some half a century after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council. While the impetus for the series has come from scholars at the University of Notre Dame (Australia), the Catholic Institute of Sydney, and Campion College (Sydney), contributors to the volumes come from a diverse array of theological academies. A feature of the series is the fact that although the majority of the contributors are situated within the Catholic intellectual tradition, scholars from other traditions are also welcome.
The various sub-disciplines which form the subject of each volume are examined from the perspective of scripture scholarship, fundamental, sys- tematic and dogmatic theology, spirituality, historical theology, ecumenical and pastoral theology and the theology of culture. This is consistent with the Balthasarian metaphor that "Truth is Symphonic" and thus created by an harmonious integration of different disciplines or "sections" of the theo- logical orchestra. Consistent with the charism of St. James the contributors share a high degree of respect for the deposit of the faith, a Johannine inter- est in integrating spirituality and mystical theology with dogmatic and fun- damental theology, a Pauline sensitivity to the influence of the Holy Spirit, a Petrine interest in official magisterial teaching and, above all, a Marian disposition of receptivity to the Divine Logos.
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