Reel Spirituality Monograph Series

Reel Spirituality Monograph Series
Series Description

The Reel Spirituality Monograph Series features a collection of theoretically precise yet readable essays on a diverse set of film-related topics, each of which makes a substantive contribution to the academic exploration of Theology and Film. The series consists of two kinds of works: 1) popular-level introductions to key concepts in and practical applications of the Theology and Film discipline, and 2) methodologically rigorous investigations of theologically significant films, filmmakers, film genres, and topics in cinema studies. The first kind of monograph seeks to introduce the world of Theology and Film to a wider audience. The second seeks to expand the academic resources available to scholars and students of Theology and Film. In both cases, these essays explore the various ways in which "the cinema" (broadly understood to include the variety of audio-visual storytelling forms that continues to evolve along with emerging digital technologies) contributes to the overall shape and trajectory of the contemporary cultural imagination. The larger aim of producing both scholarly and popular-level monographs is to generate a number of resources for enthusiasts, undergraduate and graduate students, and scholars. As such, the Reel Spirituality Monograph Series ultimately exists to encourage the enthusiast to become a more thoughtful student of the cinema and the scholar to become a more passionate viewer.
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  1. How to Film Truth

    Justin Wells

    Cascade / AUG 2018

    How to Film Truth explores the history of documentary film as a search for truth by filmmakers, and a journey of discovery for subjects and audiences. This process, the act of documenting,... read more »
  2. How to Talk to a Movie

    Elijah Lynn Davidson

    Cascade / FEB 2017

    Watching a movie is more than an opportunity to be entertained. Watching a movie is an opportunity to meet with God. In a few brief chapters, How to Talk to a Movie will forever change the... read more »
  3. Off the Map

    Niles Schwartz

    Cascade / JUN 2018

    A motion picture chronicling the last adventures of bank robber John Dillinger (Johnny Depp), Public Enemies was met with much bafflement upon its 2009 release. Director Michael Mann’s... read more »
  4. Perfect in Weakness

    Colin Heber-Percy

    Cascade / APR 2019

    Three men go on a risky journey through a forbidden Zone in search of fulfillment. They fail. They come home. The end.

    The plot of Tarkovsky’s Stalker is a joke.... read more »

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