New Monastic Library: Resources for Radical Discipleship

For over a millennium, if Christians wanted to read theology, practice Christian spirituality, or study the Bible, they went to the monastery to do so. There, people who inhabited the tradition and prayed the prayers of the church also copied manuscripts and offered fresh reflections about living the gospel in a new era. Two thousand years after the birth of the church, a new monastic movement is stirring in North America. In keeping with ancient tradition, new monastics study the classics of Christian reflection and are beginning to offer some reflections for a new era. The New Monastic Library includes reflections from new monastics as well as classic monastic resources unavailable elsewhere.
Series Editor: Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove
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  1. Reforming the Monastery

    Greg Peters

    Cascade / NOV 2013

    Richard Froude wrote in 1833 to John Henry Newman that "the present state of things in England makes an opening for reviving the monastic system." Seemingly original words at the time. Yet,... read more »
  2. Fresh Wind Blowing

    Steve Harper

    Cascade / OCT 2013

    A fresh wind of God's Spirit is blowing on the earth today, and as in times past, God is inviting us to raise our sails and move forward with the power and direction that reflects our commitment to... read more »
  3. A Glimpse of the Kingdom in Academia

    Irene Alexander

    Cascade / FEB 2013

    University is a major way that our society prepares professionals and leaders in education, health, government, business, arts, church--all components of our communal lives. Although the beginnings... read more »
  4. Being Church

    John F. Alexander

    Cascade / JUL 2012

    What modern church doesn't call itself a "community"? Yet for how many is it real? How many churches form disciples intimately connected enough to call themselves Christ's "body"? How many form... read more »
  5. Thomas Merton

    Paul R. Dekar

    Cascade / AUG 2011

    Thomas Merton was arguably the twentieth century's most widely published and widely read spiritual writer. This book explores Merton's prophetic writings and experience as they offer guidance for... read more »
  6. Against the Tide, Towards the Kingdom

    Jenny Duckworth, Justin Duckworth

    Cascade / JUL 2011

    Against the Tide, Towards the Kingdom is the story of the Urban Vision community in New Zealand. This book recounts the story of a group of young Christian adults who over the last fifteen years... read more »
  7. Plunging into the Kingdom Way

    Tim Dickau

    Cascade / JAN 2011

    What practices might a community of faith take up that will bear witness to the alternative world Jesus envisions and calls us towards? That is the question that Grandview Calvary Baptist Church,... read more »
  8. Living Faithfully in a Fragmented World, Second Edition

    Jonathan R. Wilson

    Cascade / JAN 2010

    The first edition of Living Faithfully in a Fragmented World became one of the founding and guiding texts for new monastic communities. In this revised edition, Jonathan Wilson focuses more... read more »
  9. Longing for Spring

    Elaine A. Heath, Scott Kisker

    Cascade / JAN 2010

    Delving into the widespread, contemporary longing for a more serious and communal experience of Christianity, this book provides important theoretical underpinnings and casts a vision for a new... read more »
  10. "Follow Me"

    Ivan J. Kauffman

    Cascade / JAN 2009

    From the very beginning there have been Christians who wanted to go all the way--who, rather than asking, "What must I do to be a Christian?" asked instead, "What can I do to be more Christian?"... read more »

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