Custom Reprinting Frequently Asked Questions

In what format are the books published?

Our books are perfect-bound paperbacks (as are 90 percent of the paperbacks produced today), scanned and printed by high-speed digital printers. This method enables us to produce an attractive book quickly and at a reasonable price.

Is there a minimum order?

For an initial project we require a minimum order of ten copies. On occasion we lower our minimum if the likelihood of reordering is high or if the book has other sales possibilities. Please send an inquiry to Al Ullman, Custom Reprint Coordinator. Once a title has been reprinted, the minimum order is only five copies.

What do I have to do?

Simply call us as you would any textbook company. We will secure the rights and permissions and print the books. On occasion we may need help acquiring a clean original.

How much time does it take?

Under normal circumstances we can put a book in your hands in three to four weeks. Generally speaking, it will take us two weeks to secure permission, one week to produce the books, and up to one week for shipping. Occasionally it takes longer to secure permission. In rush situations we may be able to complete a project in a week's time, if permissions are straightforward; please be advised that rush charges may apply. Reordering a Custom Reprint title is quick and easy, and orders can usually be completed in a week or less.

Are books returnable?

Only titles that are published by us and carry our ISBN are returnable. Most Custom Reprints are nonreturnable simply because we print these books with permission for a one-time use. In light of this, we work closely with textbook managers to print based upon actual course enrollment.

How can I determine if a book is in print?

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