Wipf and Stock now carries eBooks!

Many of our titles can now be purchased as eBooks in the popular ePub format direct from our website. Please note that the ePub format cannot be used on Amazon's Kindle, but they can be viewed by most other eBook readers.

See our catalog for a complete list of all of our titles available as eBooks.

Our eBooks are also available from the following outlets:

Apple’s iBookstore (ePub format)
BarnesandNoble.com(ePub format)
Google Play (Requires Google Play app for iOS or Android)
LOGOS Bible Software (LOGOS app for iOS, Mac, Windows, Kindle Fire, and Android)
Coming soon:
Vyrso.com (ePub format)
Ebrary.com (ePub format)


What devices can I use my eBook on?
eBooks purchased from WipfandStock.com can be used on any device supporting ePub format. The ePub format is not supported on the Kindle, so Kindle users should purchase the Kindle edition from Amazon.com's Kindle Store.

How many devices can I use my ebook on?
You can load your books on up to five personal devices. Each retailer, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, uses its own DRM (digital rights management) system and will have its own policy on how many devices a book can be stored on.

Can I share my eBooks?
Unfortunately, you cannot share eBooks. You can store them on up to five personal devices, but sharing them with other users who have not purchased their own copies is a violation of copyright and hurts both the authors and the publishers.

How long will it take for a title to become available as an eBook?
All eligible new publications will be converted to a Kindle eBook and ePub format within three to six months of the physical book's release.

We are able to convert books that we have typeset and books for which have been given the native typeset files. Certain foreign language fonts or complex layouts may limit our ability to convert some books to Kindle and other ePub formats. Books that have been scanned and reprinted by us, and for which we do not have editable, typeset files, cannot be converted into eBooks at this time.

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