“Bunky and the Walms” Pre-Christmas Reading Event


From author, Aleksandra Tryniecka: Let’s create a joyful Readers’ Community online! Bunky and I invite you to meet us online during our free live reading session on the 18th of December! Please subscribe to: https://www.aleksandratryniecka.com/ in order to receive the link to the event! The participants can also read their favorite Christmas novels! We have surprise giveaways and a 40% discount on the novel for the subscribers.

Bunky and the Walms Pre-Christmas Reading Event

“Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story” is a novel about the power of friendship, courage, loyalty, and nobility! What will happen if one slightly grumpy and complaining Bunky suddenly has to become a brave Christmas Hero, repair Santa Claus’ sleigh, and deliver gifts all over the world? And what will happen if the literary world about which Bunky is dreaming while writing his novel enters his reality? Decidedly, this year’s Christmas will be Bunky’s greatest adventure, yet on this adventure he will not be alone: there will be his best friends, cousin Rodney and a little Wolf Plum, as well as the entire family of Walms, the Elves, the Reindeer, and even Santa Claus himself! From the magical Walmland, through the charming Faroe Islands, and to the very heart of the fantasy world of Bunkyland, Bunky’s quest to save Christmas will take him on a memorable journey through different places, but also a journey into his own heart!


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