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Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics (BAGL) is an international journal that exists to further the application of modern linguistics to the study of Ancient and Biblical Greek, with a particular focus on the analysis of texts, including but not restricted to the Greek New Testament. The journal is hosted by McMaster Divinity College and works in conjunction with its Centre for Biblical Linguistics, Translation and Exegesis, and the OpenText.org organization (www.opentext.org) in the sponsoring of conferences and symposia open to scholars and students working in Greek linguistics who are interested in contributing to advancing the discussion and methods of the field of research. BAGL is a refereed on-line and print journal dedicated to distributing the results of significant research in the area of linguistic theory and application to biblical and ancient Greek, and is open to all scholars, not just those connected to the Centre and the OpenText.org project.

Editorial Details

Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics

Senior Editors
Professor Dr. Stanley E. Porter
Dr. Matthew Brook O’Donnell

Assistant Editors
Gregory P. Fewster
Wally V. Cirafesi

Editorial Board
Dr. Martin Culy (Briercrest College and Seminary, Canada)
Dr. Paul Danove (Villanova University, USA)
Dr. Matthew Brook O’Donnell (University of Michigan, USA |McMaster Divinity College, Canada)
Professor Dr. Stanley E. Porter (McMaster Divinity College, Canada)
Dr. Catherine Smith (University of Birmingham, UK) Dr. Jonathan Watt (Geneva College, USA)
Dr. Cynthia Long Westfall (McMaster Divinity College, Canada)

Submission Info

Submissions to BAGL
BAGL accepts submissions in five categories, and manuscripts are to be labeled as such at the time of submission:

Responses Reviews/Review articles

Submissions should follow the BAGL style-guide which can be found at http://bagl.org, and should include an abstract, not longer than 100 words, two to six keywords, and identification of the type of article (which will be noted at the time of posting and publication). Submissions not following the style-guide will be returned to the author for revision before being considered by the editors. Submissions should be sent in electronic form (Word or RTF) to Stanley E. Porter at [email protected]. Assessment and response will be made within approximately two months of submission. Accepted submissions should be posted online within two months of acceptance.

The online form of BAGL is found at http://bagl.org.


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