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Post-Christendom Studies publishes research on the nature of Christian identity and mission in the contexts of post-Christendom. Post-Christendom refers to places, both now and in the past, where Christianity was once a significant cultural presence, though not necessarily the dominant religion. Sometimes “Christendom” refers to the official link between church and state. The term “post-Christendom” is often associated with the rise of secularization, religious pluralism, and multiculturalism in western countries over the past sixty years. Our use of the term is broader than that however. Egypt for example can be considered a post-Christendom context. It was once a leading center of Christianity. “Christendom” moreover does not necessarily mean official public and dominant religion. For example, under Saddam Hussein, Christianity was probably a minority religion, but, for the most part, Christians were left alone. After America deposed Saddam, Christians began to flee because they became a persecuted minority. In that sense, post-Saddam Iraq is an experience of post-Christendom—it is a shift from a cultural context in which Christians have more or less freedom to exercise their faith to one where they are persecuted and/or marginalized for doing so.

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Post-Christendom Studies

Senior Editors
Steven M. Studebaker
Lee Beach
Gordon L. Heath

Editorial Assistant: Taylor Murray

Editorial Board
Dr. Najib G. Awad (Hartford Seminary, USA)
Dr. Lee Beach (McMaster Divinity College, Canada)
Dr. John E. Franke (Second Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis,IN, USA)
Dr. Gordon L. Heath (McMaster Divinity College, Canada)
Dr. Steven M. Studebaker (McMaster Divinity College, Canada) Dr. A. J. Swoboda (George Fox Evangelical Seminary, USA) Dr. Joel Thiessen (Ambrose University, Canada)

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Manuscripts and communications should be addressed to the Editorial Assistant at [email protected].


Articles are posted on the McMaster Divinity College website at, and, at the end of the year, the volume is available in hard copy as well.

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