Let Wipf and Stock Reprint Your Out-of-Print Book

Wipf and Stock has been serving authors by republishing their out-of-print books since 1995.

If you have authored a book that has gone (or is going) out of print, we welcome the opportunity to become your publisher.

Why publish with Wipf and Stock?

  1. We have excellent relationships with theological bookstores around the country, and we work with a variety of secular and denominational retail chains, including Barnes & Noble, Follett, etc.
  2. When you reprint your book with Wipf and Stock you can call and talk with real people who have a vested interest in the success of our mutual project—your book. If you have a special need, such as promotional flyers, or if you would like books shipped directly to a conference or book signing, we’ll help you make it happen.
  3. We regularly display at conferences all over the country; these include, but are not limited to, the following:

    – American Academy of Religion
    – Society of Biblical Literature
    – Society of Christian Ethics
    – Evangelical Theological Society
    – Catholic Theological Society of America
    – Catholic Biblical Association
    – Religious Education Congress
    – American Society of Church History
    – Academy of Homiletics
    – North American Patristics Society
    – Society for Pentecostal Studies
    – Wesleyan Theological Society
    – Festival of Homiletics
    – Association for Jewish Studies
    – North Park Symposium on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture
    – Annual meeting of The Ekklesia Project

We take more than our frontlist titles to conferences. If you want to see your book at a particular conference, even a conference for which Wipf and Stock is not formally registered, simply email or call James Stock (james@wipfandstock.com), and he’ll make the necessary arrangements.

  1. Wipf and Stock’s books are distributed via Ingram Book Group, Amazon.com, Christian Book Distributors (select titles), BarnesandNoble.com, Baker and Taylor, and EBSCO (the nation’s largest library jobber). We also print and distribute many of our reprinted titles in the United Kingdom through one of two sources: Ingram’s distribution partners (Bertrams, Gardners, etc.) or Amazon.co.uk. We also distribute in Australia and New Zealand through Koorong and Ingram.
  2. Every Wipf and Stock book is produced in-house and handled by our staff at every stage, from printing to binding to shipping. While automation might save money and increase profit margins, it does not necessarily make a better book. We take great care to ensure that every book leaving our facility is of the highest quality.

Wipf and Stock is a small but growing company that has developed on the basis of goodwill and strong relationships—our bottom line is the happiness of our authors. When you bring your book to us, you enter into a partnership with people who are just a phone call away. Once published, your reprinted book will never go out of print, you retain full copyright, and you retain full control over your intellectual property. You get to decide whether your book stays with us, and whether it stays in print.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning our republication process:

Do I receive any royalties, and if so, how much?

Our standard contract is to pay our authors $1 for every book sold, excluding sales to the author. Royalty payments are made once annually.

How will my book be priced?

Wipf and Stock’s retail pricing is determined by your royalty and the book’s total page count. Here is an example of our page/price breakdown:

100 pages = $14 to $16
150 pages = $19 to $21
200 pages = $23 to $25
250 pages = $28 to $30
300 pages = $33 to $35
350 pages = $39 to $41
400 pages = $44 to $46
450 pages = $50 to $52
500 pages = $55 to $57

Will I be required to purchase copies of my book?

Wipf and Stock is not a vanity press. We do not require authors to purchase books or to pay a fee in order to have their book republished. If you choose to purchase copies of your book, we provide an author discount of 50 percent off the retail price. Additional discounts are available for orders of one hundred or more books.

Can I submit updates or revisions?

We can reproduce the original text of a book as it was first printed. The correction of typos is rarely possible due to the fact that we are working with a scanned image and not editable text. However, we can insert an errata sheet in the front of the book if there are multiple typos or other factual errors you wish to address.

When necessary, a revised preface, introduction, or foreword may be included if you provide us with a camera-ready copy in the same format as the original book. If you are unable to typeset the new edition, in-house typesetting can be arranged (fees may apply for this service—for more details contact Jason Robeck- Jason@wipfandstock.com).

What if I am not the author of a book, but there is a title I would like to see back in print?

Please fill out our Suggest an Out-of-Print Title form, and we will take it from there.

What if I am not the author of an out-of-print title, but I need it for a class?

Our Custom Reprinting division can work with you to reprint a title for your class. Submit a Request a Quote for a Custom Reprint form, and we will respond quickly with a quote.


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