A Simplicity of Faith
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Pages: 150
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 08/01/2005
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Series: The William Stringfellow Library
Category: Theology
A Simplicity of Faith
My Experience in Mourning
By William Stringfellow

Book Description
In 1980, lawyer/theologian William Stringfellow experienced the loss of his close friend and companion, poet Anthony Towne. Totally unexpected, Towne's death brought Stringfellow face-to-face with his most personal encounter with grief. These pages eloquently record his year of mourning, thus becoming both a tribute to Towne and a way of celebrating life—past and future. Five of Towne's poems appear here, brilliantly capturing the mood and tone of Stringfellow's text.

Through the course of Stringfellow's dialogue with grief, he teaches us that bereavement can be a special source of inner peace. We discover that to know life in its fullest is to know and face death.

'A Simplicity of Faith' is a spiritual odyssey of rare intensity. It is a convincing argument that biography, reflected upon, becomes theology. Though in many aspects focused on death, it is a powerful statement of what it means to be totally alive.
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