An Ordinary Story of Extraordinary Hope
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Pages: 158
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Publication Date: 06/01/2010
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An Ordinary Story of Extraordinary Hope
By Ken R. Abell

Book Description
Grief is universal, permeating all avenues of life on planet earth; no one can escape it. Pain and sorrow come in all different shapes and sizes. An Ordinary Story of Extraordinary Hope accepts that life is hard. It explores the full scope of grief issues to proclaim that grace and hope are stronger than the hardness of life; grace and hope are saturated with redemptive power.
The book illustrates how those times of heartache result in growth that shapes our character and perspective. It teaches that it's our response to grief that determines whether growth will be positive or negative.
An Ordinary Story of Extraordinary Hope provides true-life narrative tied to Scripture to describe God's presence in the midst of painful circumstances. It demonstrates that over time God uses both positive and negative experiences to accomplish his purposes in our lives. Its testimony to perseverance is an encouragement to others on their faith journey.
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