And the Storms Came
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Publication Date: 12/07/2012
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And the Storms Came
A Collection of Correspondence from the Distressed
By Michael A. Eschelbach
Edited by Bethany Regan

Book Description
How do I know what is true?
Can we really be certain of what the Bible says?
What will happen to me when I die?

In moments of honesty, has there been any person who hasn't entertained these questions? Moreover, when these thoughts plague the mind, it's tempting to believe that no one else considers these things; no one else experiences the same fears.
This book—a collection of letters—bears witness that such distress is not new, and does not need to be borne alone. Each correspondence is real, and is based around a different person's struggle with the weighty issues—free will, doubts of salvation, the truth of the Bible, and finding peace. The contributors are nothing alike—different ages, education, backgrounds, and circumstances. Yet they are all hurting.
In response, they are each provided with answers. These answers aren't from a radical new approach. No innovative method of self-help is revealed. What is put forward is the simple truth that is found in God's Word, and in a comprehensive, real, and straightforward way. Misconceptions and fallacies are broken down, and biblical guidance is offered, addressing difficult issues that apply to both Christians and non-Christians alike.
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