Back Toward the Future
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Publication Date: 12/31/2003
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Category: Biblical studies
Back Toward the Future
Hints for Interpreting Biblical Prophecy
By Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

Book Description
Biblical prophecy comprises one of the most rewarding topics of Bible study. Difficulty of subject matter and unfamiliarity with the literary forms, however, deter many students. 'Back Toward the Future' removes these obstacles and invites exploration of this exciting subject.

The author, a respected expert in the field, presents an introductory guide to the issues and methods of interpreting prophetic literature. The principles he formulates, coupled with his mature insights, will help students avoid many exegetical pitfalls.

Part I helps the reader to discern conditional and unconditional prophecies, comprehend apocalyptic symbols, and understand future events in expressions of the past. Part 2 provides specific steps for interpreting prophetic passages. And Part 3 discourages Bible students from finding double meanings in prophetic statements and encourages them to embrace the author's single-truth intention.

A Scripture index concludes 'Back Toward the Future'.
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