Between Babel and Beast
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Pages: 214
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Publication Date: 07/06/2012
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Series: Theopolitical Visions
Category: Theology
Between Babel and Beast
America and Empires in Biblical Perspective
By Peter J. Leithart

Book Description
The United States is one of history's great Christian nations, but our unique history, success, and global impact have seduced us into believing we are something more—God's New Israel, the new order of the ages, the last best hope of mankind, a redeemer nation. Using the subtle categories that arise from biblical narrative, Between Babel and Beast analyzes how the heresy of Americanism inspired America's rise to hegemony while blinding American Christians to our failures and abuses of power. The book demonstrates that the church best serves the genuine good of the United States by training witnesses—martyr-citizens of God's Abrahamic empire.
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