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Pages: 204
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 05/01/2013
Street Date: 04/30/2013
Division: Pickwick Publications
Category: Theology
A Theological Feast in Honor of Vítor Westhelle
Edited by Mary Philip, John Arthur Nunes, Charles M. Collier

Book Description
Just as a churrasco is a Brazilian barbecue of a variety of meats, Churrasco skewers together an ebullient and eclectic assortment of theological texts from around the world to honor and celebrate one of Brazil's most eclectic and creative theologians, Vítor Westhelle. Churrasco brings together different fields and disciplines, transgressing boundaries and allowing them to seep into each other. Though predominantly Lutheran, the authors hail from various denominations and contexts. Poised between in-depth doctrinal and practically reflective essays are poetically creative pieces. The contributions are exemplars of how to develop and foster language for God-talk and how to appropriate our God-talk in relationships with fellow human beings and with the environment. The topical range is wide and spans from the theology of the cross, to eschatology, postcolonialism, ecumenism, science and religion, the erotic, otherness, experience, literature, poetry, and the reformer Martin Luther. Unfettered by a common theme, the essays nevertheless connect and weave a tapestry; they raise key questions and they challenge theologians not only to rethink traditional concepts and contemporary views but also to reevaluate the task of theology itself.

Contributors include:
Walter Altmann
Oswald Bayer
Kathleen D. (Kadi) Billman
Luis H. Dreher
Philip Hefner
Reinhard Hütter
Claudia Jahnel
Antje Jackelén
Musimbi Kanyoro
Robert Kolb
John Arthur Nunes
Kathlen Luana
Ted Peters
Mary Philip
Jose David Rodriguez
Deanna A. Thompson
Else Marie Wiberg Pederson
Robert Zwetsch

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