Dissenter in a Great Society
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Publication Date: 07/01/2006
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Dissenter in a Great Society
A Christian View of America in Crisis
By William Stringfellow

Book Description

Stringfellow, in Dissenter in a Great Society, is not concerned with partisan politics but applies the standards of biblical prophetism to current attitudes to poverty and property, the continuing war between the races, protest movements, and the search for commitment. As Nat Hentoff said in The Nation, "Stringfellow is no liberal. He is a radically relevant Christian - an extremely rare species." He argues that to be a Christian is to be truly human - radically involved in the conflicts and controversies of society. He advocates no naive social gospel, but dares to speak of the liturgy as a political event, and exposes the pietists, pharisees, and do-gooders who betray the idea of Christian involvement. Mary McCarthy has written, "Stringfellow has been prompted by a spirit that is like the ghost of Simone Weil."

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