Edward Schillebeeckx and Interreligious Dialogue
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Publication Date: 01/23/2012
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Category: Theology
Edward Schillebeeckx and Interreligious Dialogue
Perspectives from Asian Theology
By Edmund Kee-Fook Chia

Book Description
If Schillebeeckx had been Asian, how would he have responded to the phenomenon of religious pluralism? This book attempts to answer that question, beginning with a dialogue with the Vatican Declaration Dominus Iesus and discerning how Schillebeeckx's methodology has been applied in Asian theology. Employing the hermeneutical-critical method, Schillebeeckx asserts that the Word of God did not come "down to us, as it were, vertically in a purely divine statement"—it must be interpreted! In today's context of so many religions, so many cultures, and so many poor, God's Word invites the church to be a "sacrament of dialogue." Through dialogue the church will be "challenged by other religions and challenge them in return." Christianity will then be "put in its place, as well as given the place which is its due."
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