Evangelicals and Liberation Revisited
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Evangelicals and Liberation Revisited
An Inquiry into the Possibility of an Evangelical-Liberationist Theology
By João B. Chaves

Book Description
Despite the fact that the theological gains of Latin American Liberation Theology (LALT) have been incorporated into several theologies around the world, many North Atlantic evangelicals still consider LALT a heresy. The underlying reason for the lack of positive engagement between North Atlantic Evangelical Theology in general—and American Evangelical Theology in particular—and LALT is the mistaken perception that LALT and evangelical theology are necessarily contradictory.

In Evangelicals and Liberation Revisited, João Chaves analyzes instances of the evangelical-liberationist interaction and examines the generally suspicious responses given to LALT by North Atlantic Evangelicals. Evangelicals who think of LALT as a heresy have failed to look not only into the diversity that exists among liberationists, but also into the different theological expressions within their own movement.

João Chaves argues convincingly that if evangelicals think about both liberation theology and their own theological commitments critically, then they will be able to recognize that LALT can be an indispensable ally in their commitment to following God.
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