Final Testimonies
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Publication Date: 10/21/2003
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Category: Theology
Final Testimonies
By Karl Barth
Edited by Eberhard Busch

Book Description
The five brief pieces collected here represent the final words prepared by Karl Barth for publication, all of them originating during the period from his serious illness in August of 1968 to his death in December of that same year. The final selection is a fragment left unfinished the night he died.

"The last word that I have to say as a theologian or politician is not a concept like grace but a name: Jesus Christ. He is grace and he is the ultimate one beyond world and church and even theology. We cannot lay hold of him. But we have to do with him.... There is no salvation but in this name. In him is grace."

Karl Barth, 'Final Testimonies'
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