Fishing for Praise
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Publication Date: 01/01/2008
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Fishing for Praise
Aspects of Praise
By Paul Poulton

Book Description
Praise is a hidden doorway in the world that enables us to see things outside of the universe. But it's a doorway that is easily missed; people walk past it, thinking nothing of it, not realizing the value of it. But God has placed it there for us to walk through and see where he lives.

This look at praise takes some surprising turns and gives us insight into heaven, hell, the world we live in, and our own souls.
People praise all sorts of things. I find myself praising my wife—or praising children, footballers, or chefs. I even praise my dog. When we praise God, it is a natural extension of what we normally do every day.  And praise isn't one way, because God praises us, too.
When we are patient, praise will come our way from the most unexpected source, and it will come just when our enemies have turned up to see it. God intervenes on our behalf when we leave the task of being praised to him. Contrary to popular belief, praise comes to those who wait. We don't have to fish for it.
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