God Our Savior
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Publication Date: 12/18/2006
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God Our Savior
Theology in a Christological Mode
By C. Norman Kraus

Book Description
This volume makes a systematic theological statement in light of the unique revelation of God and humankind that has come to us in Jesus, the Messiah, as recorded in Scripture. It is the companion to the author's 'Jesus Christ Our Lord' (1987, 1990).

There are chapters on Jesus Christ as the lens through which we receive theological insight, revelation, God, humanity, the Holy Spirit, the church, and last things, all understood through God's self-disclosure in Christ.

From within the Anabaptist theological tradition, Kraus offers a biblically oriented alternative to rationalistic orthodoxy and to liberalism. He takes Scripture as the normative witness to the meaning of Christ, the authoritative source for theological reflection, and thus makes a thoroughly evangelical statement. Yet this evangel begins with salvation as newness of life in resurrection with Christ, not simply as juridical justification.

The emphasis is on God as source of creative potential rather than on God as instigator of legal judgment. Christ, the "Second Adam," the truest "image of God," is both the climax of creation and the means through which humanity can attain that image and respond to God in personal relationship. Kraus views the Holy Spirit as the enlivening presence of the risen Christ, the church as the continuing saving mission of Christ, and eschatology as the victory of Christ over the powers of evil and death.
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