Good Faith Hunting
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Publication Date: 12/18/2012
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Good Faith Hunting
How Baby Boomers Help Recapture a Biblical View of Faith
By Henry Stewart

Book Description
Church attendance in the United States and other Western nations is rapidly declining, and the losses are not solely because "young people don't like church." Baby boomers are also leaving, frequently because the church leadership assumes a believer's faith and how it plays out is constant over a lifetime. Boomers are a transition generation, undergoing profound faith journeys as they transition through life's phases. Many churches struggle to connect with people on a journey because the corporate, modernist mindset doesn't have room for changes and journey.

Good Faith Hunting is a book of hope for church leaders and major influencers who want to celebrate the faith journeys of baby boomers and others through life, allegiance, and experience, as an opportunity to show the love of Christ as they sojourn alongside people in their community.
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