Interreligious Hermeneutics
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ISBN 13: 978-1-60899-669-8
Pages: 276
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 07/01/2010
Street Date: 06/17/2010
Division: Cascade Books
Series: Interreligious Dialogue Series
Category: Theology
Interreligious Hermeneutics
Edited by Catherine Cornille, Christopher Conway

Book Description
Catherine Cornille, Boston College

David Tracy,  University of Chicago Divinity School

Werner Jeanrond, University of Glasgow

Marianne Moyaert, University of Leuven

John Maraldo, University of North Florida

Reza Shah-Kazemi, Institute of Ismaili Studies

Malcolm David Eckel, Boston University

Joseph S. O'Leary, Sophia University

John P. Keenan, Middlebury College

Hendrik Vroom, VU University Amsterdam

Laurie Patton, Emory University
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