Jean Danielou’s Doxological Humanism
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Jean Danielou’s Doxological Humanism
Trinitarian Contemplation and Humanity’s True Vocation
By Marc C. Nicholas

Book Description
In the spring of 1946, Jean Daniélou published an article by the title of "Les orientations presents de la pensée religieuse" for Etudes. Daniélou's article—at least according to his critics—set the program for what would be later referred to as la nouvelle théologie. Though Daniélou's influence was definitive at the inception of the movement (loosely understood) and continued up until Vatican II and after it, relatively little (especially compared to his close associate Henri de Lubac) has been written about Daniélou in English even in the recent resurgence of interest in nouvelle théologie. This book seeks to fill that gap in part by providing an overview of his theology with extensive reference to his vast corpus of writings by highlighting what seems to be the key to his thought: that all human beings were made for contemplation and that one is only truly human when one exercises this innate calling in a Trinitarian fashion.
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